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Honda Elements have tent attachments now.

Of course that was before the company realized their appeal was for middle-aged women and not young guys.
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My father called me his weird daughter and meant it as a compliment - I finally told him that since a large number of folks didn't understand this that it might be better to drop the "weird" and just say "eldest."

I also told him I knew it was a compliment - because he meant "different." I've enjoyed being unique since I've gotten away from high school sheep. Most people don't mature past graduation. It's sad.
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Like some other commenters - I have a couple of "dead" FB friends. One of whom gets messages from his bunch of friends from time to time when we miss or think of him. It's a comfort.

FB asking me to reconnect? Notsomuch.
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Dear heaven - read the comments first people. Came in here to explain fruit juice concentrate and was happy to see it'd been done (nothing wrong with 'splaining either!). But no need to do it to DEATH.
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