Color Test Proves that CEOs Are Different

Rich CEOs are different from you and I - not only do they have more money, their brains are wired differently. That's the conclusion of an online "color test":

Ask CEOs to pick their favorite color and what they select will often be very different than what most people would pick.

For example, when 877 members of USA TODAY's CEO panel took an online personality color test, they were three times more likely to favor magenta than the public at large, three times less likely to select red, and 3½ times less likely to choose yellow.

This, it turns out, is more than a curiosity. Psychiatry professor Rense Lange, an expert on tests for everyone from students to job hunters to those with early signs of Alzheimer's disease, has been looking hard at color tests and he has reached the conclusion that the results all but prove that CEOs are wired differently.

They are often wired in counterintuitive ways. For example, the color test shows that the typical CEO is more sensitive and private than the typical person and is less likely to be a perfectionist or to be dominant and more likely to be emotionally unstable. CEOs, it turns out, are not as self-assured as the public at large, and they are more cooperative and less forceful than the typical person, says Dewey Sadka, who has spent the last 15 years refining the color test completed by the 877 current and retired CEOs and chairmen.


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I've always chosen Magenta, therefore I am Steve Jobs and this is why we read NEATORAMA instead of BOING BOING and let them suffer the incisive mediocrity of Ballmer!

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