Zach Anner Thanks You

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Zach Anner came back from a weekend trip surprised to find that his audition for a television contest had over two million votes! So he made a video to express his appreciation. -via reddit

Update: John Mayer posted a response to the above video. Link

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Oh noes! The internet viral police are here to dismiss the claims of a person's disability because how could anyone with any kind of disability be remotely interesting. FAKE! All handicapped people are uninteresting and deserve to be hidden from the rest of society.

Yes, Hmmm. Americans are twats.
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I remember going onto a SUPER SECRET WEBSITE 4chan, riddick, digg form and seeing a link to his audition. At that point he had 4800 votes which in comparison to the leader didn’t look too good…I did not vote…went to bed and woke up… This dude had over 2millionThe dude has a great sense of humor. But and I could not see myself watching his show.• He is great!It’s unfortunate however that the votes were rigged with voting software to skyrocket him to 2 million votes overnight. The evidence is was sent to Oprah's office. It’s unfair to Zach and all the other contestants that are working very hard to get their videos noticed and voted for
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I've only been following this in a vague way. Seems like an interesting guy - good luck to him. The thing that amazes me, from comments on this site and elsewhere, is how American culture seems waaay behind with regard to the way people with disabilities are treated. I find it peculiar that a national media which is extremely prudish about swearing, or the human body (re: Janet Jackson etc) has no qualms about using words like "retarded" and "handicapped" as general terms of abuse. In the UK, such words are considered much more offensive than so-called "curse words".
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I'd watch him. He had me at his first line: Hello America, I think we met at Jenine's Party. Or something like that... it was funny.
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Pretty amazing. This guy, from his chair, reached 2 million people. I for one would watch him. Genuine, open and so very present.

Lol at crawling the marathon. Double Lolz at the John Mayer pic with him.
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