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My husband and I will play that game--play just the first chord of a favorite song and then stop the music. He's super good at it--he has a music background--but I'm pretty good too! It really is amazing how fast the brain can recognize music.
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Tuna casserole can be sooooo delicious--if you use good ingredients. If you combine a bunch of over-salty canned stuff and blop it in a dish and bake it until it vulcanizes, it will be disgusting. And of course my mom's recipe (that I now make) was the best! :)
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This made me crack up: "Even if my house is destroyed, even if I go into bankruptcyIf the cat is happy, there’s no problemSacrifices for love know no limit"
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I found this story historically fascinating and horrifying. As a special education teacher, I've been interested in this "hidden history" of how people with cognitive and other disabilities were treated through the decades. It may astonish you to know that as recently as a few years ago, North Carolina was paying reparations to people who had been sterilized: this isn't a story from long, long ago!
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You all might enjoy the Feb. 20, 2019 episode of the podcast "Imaginary Worlds" which is entitled "The Man Behind the Sword" about Robert Howard and the carton of Conan. This is a great podcast in general for people who like SF and fantasy.
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I lived in Atlanta for 19 years—and worked down the street from this building—and never heard of this place! Thanks for this story.
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I'm going to share the foveola photo with my students in my Anatomy of the Eye course (with proper credit and citation, of course)!
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