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Being Alaskan I would say Fresh Seafood not just Salmon. So many delicious ocean goodies. You can get Salmon all over but fresh Seafood Fettuccine is unbelievably amazing.
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Ursula K. LeGuine, Octavia Butler, Anne McCaffery, Mary Shelley, Leigh Brackett are all female sci-fi writers whose works would definitely qualify as being Best of All Time. Some of the list feels a little stretched and having several books by one author also feels a little bit arbitrary. Not everything Heinlein wrote was gold. Barnes and Noble has a great list of essential readings in women written Sci-Fi.
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Amazing. I too have a picture that’s not coloured at all but was constructed by layering dots of pure cyan, magenta, yellow and black on top of the original white-on-white image.
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Same principle as used when blue eye shadow makes off-blue eyes look true blue by association.
They do this in grocery stores with orange mesh bags for oranges. Oranges sold this way look ripe and sweet and good through the mesh, when they're not; they're dull and yellow and bitter, you wouldn't buy those otherwise. And you get used to it, so that one day you get a /real/ orange and you're stunned by how good it is.
That's not the only trick there. For example, next time you're in the produce section pick up anything of any color and watch it while you move it away from the bin; the color changes, becomes dull. They use special lighting to make fruit and vegetables look attractive. They can't afford to light the whole store with glamorous lights like that, but they don't have to; packages of things can be any color manufacturers choose.

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