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It's also quite common in older people who have had certain kind of strokes. My mother was gradually losing her vision after her stroke and had Charles Bonnet syndrome. She was usually quite amused by the things she saw ("iron animals" moving in the courtyard, a baseball game going on outside her window, a cat or baby on the floor) but she'd get annoyed if she thought her visions were people who weren't answering when she spoke to them. She had a wonderful sense of humor and maintained her upbeat personality even as her vascular dementia increased. She died three years ago and I miss her every day. So if you know of older folks who are "seeing things" they may not be "crazy" or even have dementia--they may have Charles Bonnet. See for more information.
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I lived in Atlanta for 19 years—and worked down the street from this building—and never heard of this place! Thanks for this story.
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I LOVED this show as a kid, and when we watched DVDs of it recently, we were surprised how entertaining it still was. I remember, though, having a crush on Artemis, not Jim West. I always went for the brainy sidekick!
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I remember years ago when FB was new(ish) and you could keep up with friends without a zillion ads, without political content that I'm not interested in, and when posts were chronological so you could actually find them again. Over the years, FB has gotten worse and worse--the algorithms they've added to make it a better "experience" has instead made it less and less relevant to me. Too bad.
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Does anyone remember the MAD magazine take on this? It was probably from the late 60s, early 70s. They envisioned a video phone for which you could buy roll-down backdrops, so you could appear to be sitting in an office (working late to fool "the wife"), or at a doctor's office (so you could call in sick to fool the boss), and even fool yourself by accidentally rolling down the wrong back drop.
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I'm going to share the foveola photo with my students in my Anatomy of the Eye course (with proper credit and citation, of course)!
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For some reason, all of us believed that earthworms were blood suckers. I was told that by the older children at school and confidently told that to the children who were younger than I, thereby perpetuating this bizarre and unquestioned story. I mean, we even believed that stepping on an earthworm _with our shoes on_ was dangerous-- somehow they could suck your blood through your shoe. After a big rainstorm when the earthworms would emerge was a truly dangerous time on the playground. ????!!!
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