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I don't know why but I can't stop laughing at this. It just seems so . . . random. I want someone to do this now with Congressional representatives, too.
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The year after my mom died, when we went out to dinner on our wedding anniversary I wore the dress my mom had worn to our wedding 30+ years before. I found it comforting, even if it was out of style.
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Tuna casserole can be sooooo delicious--if you use good ingredients. If you combine a bunch of over-salty canned stuff and blop it in a dish and bake it until it vulcanizes, it will be disgusting. And of course my mom's recipe (that I now make) was the best! :)
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We've lived in Pittsburgh now for 13 years and LOVE it. We moved from Atlanta, the city with some of the worst traffic around and where we saw history & character being paved over by ever-sprawling growth. We love the size and convenience of Pittsburgh and the many things to do here. While we welcome the changes to our adopted city especially the vitality and diversity of the many young people living here and starting new restaurants and businesses, we do hope that Pittsburgh keeps its essential character. It's a place that's down-to-earth, practical, affordable, and grounded. It has a lot of potential for future growth--but we'd sure hate to see it become another Atlanta (or San Francisco).
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I knew as soon as I saw the title of this piece that there would be a lot of comments!
I completely agree with TravisCurates--any list without LeGuin and Butler in particular is not much of a science fiction list. I'd add Nancy Kress to this list as well.
Good to see some new books listed. However, "Ready Player One" while kind of fun to read, for me was like eating a huge box of candy at once--tasty and you're barely aware that you're consuming it, but afterward you realize that there's not much THERE there. For me, it wouldn't belong on the list of "greatest of all time" when there are so many books that were much meatier and satisfying.
Thanks for putting this together and starting the conversation!
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