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The one that got me was the couple asking people to move down.

No. I will not move done. I was here thirty minutes early to get these exact seats.
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It wasn't the best course of action, but I applaud the guy myself. Many people stay in jobs getting treated like garbage for the fear of losing said job. He finally had enough anger and courage built up to bail on something that was degrading. A lot of people fail to understand just how much rude people like that passenger can bring you down.

I don't commend him for causing a possible strain on his fellow employees, but I do commend the hell out of him for having the guts to walk out with a bang.
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I think it's funny. It's stuff like this that keeps life from being too bland and boring. As stupid as people find it, it is something interesting and gives people something to mention in conversation.

Without "stupid" acts like this, people get to talk about the same old things every day.
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I was born and raised in Warner Robins and the mascot is a big part of the history. This school and the other major high school in that town have a traditional football game each year. Changing the mascot is like changing the town's history, and that's just ridiculous. That preachers needs to pull his head out of his ass and realize that this is in NO WAY supporting actual 'demons'.
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