Mom Sent 7-Year-Old Adopted Son Back to Russia

Nancy Hansen of Tennessee claimed that her 7-year-old adopted Russian boy was violent and psychotic, so she "returned" him by putting him on a flight to Moscow and hiring a driver to pick him up there and drive him back. Now, it's an international incident:

When the lawyer she found online advised her the adoption could be reversed, Hansen booked the flight and paid the fee for a steward to escort Justin through the airport, she said.

She hired a driver in Moscow she found online to pick the child up from the Moscow airport, she said. She found "safe references" for the driver online, she said.

She then prepared a letter for Justin to present to Russian officials, which included a photo of the driver, whom she identified as "Arthur," she said.

Justin "had never been happier" than when he boarded the plane for Moscow, she said.

Russian child protection officials were not happy when the child arrived unannounced at their ministry Wednesday. Nancy Hansen said when they called her there was "a lot of yelling going on."

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So people feel that this mother should be in jail? Hmmmm..... So If you were to purchese a lets say car, and within the course of 60 to 90 days you come to the realization that the car was in fact a defective vehicle, would you keep the wheels? I for one wouldn't. If I purchase enything and afterwards find out that its allready screwed up guess what, I return it. Now its not as if I endorse warrenty on children, however this kid had some substantial mental issues. Lets look at the facts, this child had a "hit list" with his sisters name at the top of the list, he threatened to kill his brother over a video-game, he bragged about burning a building in russia, and the mother found him trying to start a fire in his bedroom!
When he was returned he was watched over by a stewerdest and at his arrival was handed over to a driver. Lastly I know these people are benevolent, but don't we have a great deal of orphans who need families in our own nation?
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If the adoption process wasn't so horribly expensive and difficult, then these children would be adopted when they are infants and thus not have seven years of abuse which has shaped their identities. The fact that societies allow this outrageous expense and difficulty is a huge injustice to the children and the couples who can't have bio children. It is disgusting that adoption is not quick and inexpensive. Any crack whore on the street can pop out bio kids all day long, and yet stable loving couples have to pay $40,000 and go through hell to adopt a baby. Sickening.
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that woman should be in jail. i saw that at the same time she was trying to adopt another child!

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While this woman is clearly an idiot, Russian adoptions are a whole nother can of crazy.

First up, Russian woman have no issue with abortion, and ready access. They end up having one or two wanted children and have no compunction about terminating unwanted pregnancies. So when you get a kid in an orphanage, odds are much higher than in other places that there is a serious reason the child has been abandoned. The older the child, the more it's been bounced around the system and rejected, and damaged.

At that point, attachment disorder is no joke. It's basically sociopath city. These are pet-killing situations, if not worse. Check it out before going whole hog on condemning this woman. She acted the irresponsible fool and surely added insult to clear injury for this child, but the reality was quite likely honestly horrific. It's very common and Russian adoption-specific. Happens a lot and the Russian government routinely hides profound psychological conditions from prospective adoptive parents. Single mothers are allotted less desirable kids. It's ugly.
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I don't condone what this woman did.
But seriously. I won't buy anything off eBay sight unseen, and that's for like a purse or a pair of shoes. A KID?!
You better believe I would NEVER adopt a kid without getting to know it first! That is one of the "privileges" of adopting versus just having one of your own...
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