Flight Attendant Quits While on Plane, Bails Using Emergency Slide

Steven Slater, a flight attendant on a JetBlue airliner, got into an argument with a passenger while during boarding at a Pittsburgh airport. He finally had enough of his job, quit, and opened the emergency slide on the plane in order to leave:

He grabbed the intercom and said: "To the passenger who called be a mother ------, ---- you.

"I've been in the business 28 years. I've had it. That's it."

Mr Slater then activated the emergency exit and slid down the inflatable slide on to the tarmac.

He then boarded a train to the terminal, stripping off his tie and discarding it to the astonishment of bemused onlookers.

Slater was later arrested.

Link | Photo: Daily Telegraph

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The dude did what he felt he needed to do, he will face retribution, likely overdone, because the airlines and Homeland Security will be anxious to curb any encore or copycat acts.

The presumably ill-behaved passenger, unlike the flight attendant who would not have lasted very long if he was terribly ill-mannered, is probably a repeat offender, and fully culpable for his actions, but will face no recrimination.

My suspicion is that many passengers, even if thus inconvenienced, probably found the incident amusing, intriguing or otherwise entertaining. The airlines could view their stupendous loss due to restuffing the slide as a staff instigated spot check on the safety gear. Before we fall into the security over freedom trap here in our thinking I believe we should ask ourselves: if the attendant had simply said, "Effu" to the passenger and the passenger asked to file a complaint would the airline or homeland security have had any qualms about suspending the attendant without pay INSTANTLY.

As Chrissy once said on Three's Company, "What's Goose for the Girl is Good for the Gander!" I say let the airlines file a civil suit for their alleged damages against the flight attendant. If they have a contract which forbids them quitting their job whenever they wish shame on labor laws for allowing such a thing--If the loss of one flight attendant unacceptably diminished the security of the nation or the safety of the passengers then throw the decision makers at the airlines in jail for ridiculously under-staffing.
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I completely agree. First of all, let's define the word "narcissist". Usually these people lack special abilities or talents, are below average-intelligence but THINK they are great when in fact they are not. They tend to speak in the third person and almost always relate everything in a conversation (or anything else for that matter) to themselves. He had pent-up anger from putting up with other people's "crap". He was right to behave the way he did and I will defend him until he dies. The police are only picking on him because he's gay, had it been a woman, the same would have happened or a person of colour for that matter. Because those categories of people always put up with the most crap. I'm proud of him. Funny or not. When you deal with nasty people ALL THE TIME, in addition, to whatever other troubles are on-going in your life, enough becomes enough. I was nearly arrested twice but there was no sufficient evidence against me (for something similar to this guy). I did not over-react because I wanted attention, I wanted respect and rightly so. I'm on HIS SIDE FULLY. I did not believe I was "special" nor am I psychologically a "narcissist", I've just had enough of people treating me like I owed them something. Fuck the world!
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Doodle Bean

it's quite clear as right as you think you are, you have no sense of humor. this is funny. maybe your in that low percent of people that don't experience nasty people. either way laugh a little no one was hurt and he went out with a bang

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