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Flight Attendant Quits While on Plane, Bails Using Emergency Slide

Steven Slater, a flight attendant on a JetBlue airliner, got into an argument with a passenger while during boarding at a Pittsburgh airport. He finally had enough of his job, quit, and opened the emergency slide on the plane in order to leave:

He grabbed the intercom and said: "To the passenger who called be a mother ------, ---- you.

"I've been in the business 28 years. I've had it. That's it."

Mr Slater then activated the emergency exit and slid down the inflatable slide on to the tarmac.

He then boarded a train to the terminal, stripping off his tie and discarding it to the astonishment of bemused onlookers.

Slater was later arrested.

Link | Photo: Daily Telegraph

Before he activated the slide and exited, he grabbed some beers. That's the funniest part, imho. Few of us could quit our jobs in a more entertaining, fabulous manner.
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Entertaining though it may be, the selfish git just ruined the holiday of loads of people. It's a bugger to get flight crew at short notice and the emergency slide needed replaced followed by new safety checks.
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Entertaining though it may be, the selfish git just ruined the holiday of loads of people. It's a brute to get flight crew at short notice and the emergency slide needed replaced followed by new safety checks.
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Thanks for being the voice of reason, Ratz. Add to your comment that the flight attendant knew all this when he activated the slide and screwed a whole planeful of people.

He's no hero; just a narcissistic asshole. Glad he was arrested.
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they should have arrested the moron that hit him in the head with a bag then cursed him...can't say i blame him for finally losing it with people like that in his face everyday
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Agreed Ratz/Doodle-Bean: this guy was just being a drama queen looking for his 15 minutes of fame and deserved to be arrested. Granted, the beer should have gone over the rude passenger's head, but why inconvenience everyone else to "make a statement"?
He was just as thoughtless as the passenger he was plssed at.
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Heh, the airline can certainly afford to replace the chute; God knows they are hosing passengers on bag fees and fuel taxes.

I would have applauded this guy if I was on the flight. Too many travelers, particularly business douches are rude to attendants. It is awful to see them be so rude and when I said something to a chick one time who was being rude to an attendant, she teed off on me for 'not minding my own business'.

GOOD FOR THIS GUY. He is the wind beneath my wings, with or without a plane. :)
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Hilarious as a one-paragraph news blurb over the Internet.

But also a cautionary tale of how you really shouldn't live your life like a peripheral character in an episode of SEINFELD.
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Common courtesy and mutual respect, while obvious to most, is a difficult concept for some folks to understand, let alone practice. It's also a very delicate dance that can quickly go wrong if ones toes get stepped on. And it would seem Mr Slaters toes got stepped on in a very big way. Ending his career with a big finish was the only way to go.

My only question is, what kind of traveller will you be, Mr Slater?

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I vote: HERO!!! Sometimes you just have to get out and get out FAST!! Good for him. I will gladly donate $ to support his lawyers. Do not charge this guy with anything. The passenger was rude and a person can only put up with so much crap from people. Good luck. HOLD YOUR HEAD HIGH!!
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Pfft, good for him I say.
Heard about this on the news this morning. Said he could get 7 years in prison for this.

Yet a woman who beat up a drive-thru employee... 2 months.

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It wasn't the best course of action, but I applaud the guy myself. Many people stay in jobs getting treated like garbage for the fear of losing said job. He finally had enough anger and courage built up to bail on something that was degrading. A lot of people fail to understand just how much rude people like that passenger can bring you down.

I don't commend him for causing a possible strain on his fellow employees, but I do commend the hell out of him for having the guts to walk out with a bang.
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Oh boy, this story just hits all the GU's trigger points:
- overly-dramatic emotional reaction to problems, CHECK
- thumbing your nose at "the man", CHECK
- standing up for "the underdog", CHECK
- acting childish and cheeky, CHECK
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Looks like he had a small anger management problem. Although I've heard somewhere that he had some tough personal issues. I don't wanna judge him, but since he already did it, I'd applaud his audacity :)
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Ending his career with a big finish was the only way to go.

LOL!! No, it wasn't. He had tons of alternatives. Starting with staying calm under pressure and deal constructively with the difficult person as he was trained and as was his job.

Would you all be calling him a hero if he reacted that way to a mechanical problem on the jet or to a passenger anxious about that problem? Or would you recognize him as an unstable idiot?

I'm predicting we find more than one 'unsatisfactory' job evaluation in the guy's recent past.

Saehn, what is "GU"? Generally Under-Intelligent?
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You seem to really have it in for this guy. You wouldn’t happen to be the guy that was on the plane that called him a mother f'er are you? If this shows any problem, it's an emotionally taxing work environment. Airplane transportation has become an unpleasant atmosphere for travelers with all the regulations and excuses to squeeze out more money from its customers. Those travelers then force their unhappiness onto the flight attendants not because they are responsible, but just because they are there in front of them. It was an unorthodox way to cope with the situations, but in my opinion, it was rather "neat".
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The problem is that as air travel has gotten more affordable, the quality (on both sides) has gone down. Imagine that you start off working at a four-star restaurant and at some point it ends up being a McDonald's. That's gotta be frustrating.
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"He was quickly arrested and charged with reckless endangerment and criminal mischief. "

Please note that 'criminal mischief' is a made up "crime"
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What Gauldar said.

More people should step up when they see rude passengers treating attendants like crap. I have done so. And more of us need to go out of our way and contact a company when an attendant has shown an exceptional amount of patience in dealing with those a-hole passengers.
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Reminds me of a joke I heard.

One a flight ready to take off to California which had passengers transfer which were on a plane from Dubai, the message for people to raise the tray and put on their seat belts was broadcast, but a flight attendant had noticed that one woman still had her’s down.

The attendant walked over and said "Excuse me miss, but it's requires that the trays be in the upright locked position for takeoff."

The woman then gave a cold stare to the attendant saying "In my country, they call me a princess and I can do what I please".

The flight attendant, which happened to be a gay man responded with "Well girly, where I come from they call me a queen, and a queen out ranks a princess, so tray up bitch!".
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@SUCKAFREE, I don't know, why don't you board a plane, freakout, steal some beers and then mess around with the emergency equipment and run away and let us know what they come up with.
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it's true, that's what they arrest you for when they just don't like you. Not many people go to jail for criminal mischief. It's a catch all to let cops pick up whoever they feel like.

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Re the reason for the arrest (from a different link):

"When they hit that emergency chute, it drops down quickly within seconds," a law enforcement official said. "If someone was on the ground and it came down without warning, someone could be injured or killed."
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Irresponsible, selfish, stupid, over-reacting, unstable, lacking class, dangerous, etc...

I wouldn't want to be on a plane if he went postal like that mid-flight.

There are a lot of stressful jobs, and airplane passengers can be pretty nasty. If you can't take it, get a nice job somewhere else.
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HE'S A HERO! She should have been arrested for being an obnoxious turd. When you are on a plane, SHUT UP and DO WHAT YOU ARE TOLD! How simple is that?
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Ratz, Doodle-Bean, whomever else this may concern:

True, but what's done is done. And done halariously. Don't spoil our fun. I've sat on a plane at the gate for over 4 hours only to have to wait in line for 2 hours to get a new flight. Would have been so much better if it had been because of this guy. Lighten up! The guy got arrested, probably rightly so, but so funny anyway.

Passengers can be A-holes to the flight crew. Get a clue, and stop treating them like your own personal staff and this wouldn't be a problem.
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@Minnesotastan This is really common behavior from Narcissists trying to make themselves look more important.

Look at this guy's behavior and realize that the 28 years thing was not the only bullshit he was flinging!
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@Hollywood Nun,

Get a clue and stop assuming I treat people badly no matter where I am.

And your 'loss of fun' comes from your knowing, deep down, that I am right.
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She should have been escorted off the plane. This guy is our Savior. Maybe it will get all of us to thinking about how we treat people. Be nice or get out of the way. She should have sat her fat ass down.
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Doodle Bean,

His behavior came from the twenty eight years of anger pent up. I really don't think he was looking for attention. When someone gets fed up and that mad, they're not worried about how many people are watching. They're worried about getting their point across.

And I'm also sure as a flight attendant with that much experience, he knew what he was doing when he dropped the chute.
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Doodle Bean

it's quite clear as right as you think you are, you have no sense of humor. this is funny. maybe your in that low percent of people that don't experience nasty people. either way laugh a little no one was hurt and he went out with a bang

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I completely agree. First of all, let's define the word "narcissist". Usually these people lack special abilities or talents, are below average-intelligence but THINK they are great when in fact they are not. They tend to speak in the third person and almost always relate everything in a conversation (or anything else for that matter) to themselves. He had pent-up anger from putting up with other people's "crap". He was right to behave the way he did and I will defend him until he dies. The police are only picking on him because he's gay, had it been a woman, the same would have happened or a person of colour for that matter. Because those categories of people always put up with the most crap. I'm proud of him. Funny or not. When you deal with nasty people ALL THE TIME, in addition, to whatever other troubles are on-going in your life, enough becomes enough. I was nearly arrested twice but there was no sufficient evidence against me (for something similar to this guy). I did not over-react because I wanted attention, I wanted respect and rightly so. I'm on HIS SIDE FULLY. I did not believe I was "special" nor am I psychologically a "narcissist", I've just had enough of people treating me like I owed them something. Fuck the world!
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The dude did what he felt he needed to do, he will face retribution, likely overdone, because the airlines and Homeland Security will be anxious to curb any encore or copycat acts.

The presumably ill-behaved passenger, unlike the flight attendant who would not have lasted very long if he was terribly ill-mannered, is probably a repeat offender, and fully culpable for his actions, but will face no recrimination.

My suspicion is that many passengers, even if thus inconvenienced, probably found the incident amusing, intriguing or otherwise entertaining. The airlines could view their stupendous loss due to restuffing the slide as a staff instigated spot check on the safety gear. Before we fall into the security over freedom trap here in our thinking I believe we should ask ourselves: if the attendant had simply said, "Effu" to the passenger and the passenger asked to file a complaint would the airline or homeland security have had any qualms about suspending the attendant without pay INSTANTLY.

As Chrissy once said on Three's Company, "What's Goose for the Girl is Good for the Gander!" I say let the airlines file a civil suit for their alleged damages against the flight attendant. If they have a contract which forbids them quitting their job whenever they wish shame on labor laws for allowing such a thing--If the loss of one flight attendant unacceptably diminished the security of the nation or the safety of the passengers then throw the decision makers at the airlines in jail for ridiculously under-staffing.
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