Pre-Show at the Movies

When I decide to take in a movie at the theater, it's a sort of Golden Rule of mine to get there at least twenty minutes before showtime. This is mostly in order to secure a good seat, but there's also the pre-show reel to watch. This usually consists of behind-the-scenes style promos for upcoming movies/shows. Afterwards, the reel shows everyone who didn't watch it what they missed.

College Humor devised a version of that summary for the theater crowd, itself.

(Warning: Mild NSFW language)

via Cinematical.

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Don't forget about the idiot parents that take their preschool-aged children to R rated movies. That one gets me so upset. Sure, I'll take my 2.5 year old to an obviously KID movie that he'd actually enjoy, but some idiots brought their 4-5 year old to ZOMBIELAND! Seriously?
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Yeah, my husband and I try to go as early as possible to avoid large crowds.
But it never fails, we ALWAYS end up sitting in front of people who can't shut the hell up, and behind someone who MUST check their cellphone every 5mins during the movie, so the glare of their phone shines right in to our face.
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This illustrates some (not even ALL) of the reasons I haven't gone to the movies in five years. Why pay $20 to be annoyed and stressed out when I can buy the DVD for less and watch it in the comfort of my home as many times as I want. Movie theaters are dying a slow death.
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