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Oh some people just hate anything slightly different.
Everyone seeks attention of some sort, so stop rejecting his actions.
I think it's funny and it makes life interesting. If I had named myself that, I would wake up every day feeling pretty damn awesome. It's about being happy.
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Yeah. It's sad when we're trying harder than they are to keep the species going.
I like Panda's and all, but they're dying out because they...suck.
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People tend to help those they relate to the most.
Human nature.

I think it's great and respectable.
Not many people could give away what they've earned.
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I am so sick of people being too touchy.

Sex sex sex sex sex sex.
Breasts penis vagina.

It's one of the most natural things.

Sorry. I'm just sick of this school dress code nonsense.
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Chicks go to a club to have fun.
Guys go to a club to get chicks.

This isn't EVERY guy or girl, but quite a lot.

So clubs are going to want more girls,
which in turn, will bring more guys.

I'm neither for nor against feminism anyway.
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John B.-
It was a simple misuse of the word. I have seen many a post from Miss Cellania and never have I ever caught anything from her that even mildly suggested a mental disturbance. Calm down.

As for the video, yeah it's cruel. People are messed up and it's no big shock to me. Maybe it was fake. Maybe the woman was just really stupid. Maybe she had mental issues. But I don't think all of these punishments everyone is shouting out are really necessary. Talk about cruelty to fellow man.
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It's pretty darn neat either way.

You people really need to start learning facts before going off and attacking or defending something.

Unless you know for a fact how this came about, you don't need to make assumptions. It makes you look foolish.

Now, show me how you know your argument and I won't mind the comment.
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Doodle Bean,

His behavior came from the twenty eight years of anger pent up. I really don't think he was looking for attention. When someone gets fed up and that mad, they're not worried about how many people are watching. They're worried about getting their point across.

And I'm also sure as a flight attendant with that much experience, he knew what he was doing when he dropped the chute.
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