Businesswoman Sells Everything to Fund Orphanage

Suzanne Thi Hien Hook was born in Vietnam in 1969. Abandoned at birth, she was housed in an orphanage where she was underfed because of her mixed race heritage. A British organization arranged for her adoption by a Middlesex couple in 1972. Hook grew up to be a successful businesswoman with a fancy house and all the trapping of a good life. In 2007, she returned to Vietnam for a year of volunteer teaching and came home with a mission.
Suzanne, whose Vietnamese name is Thi Hien, has now sold her £500,000 home in Buckinghamshire, Mercedes sports car and collection of 300 shoes.

She has also sold off all of her clothes and furniture to achieve her dream of setting up an orphanage for abandoned children in Vietnam.

Suzanne, who is abandoning her English life to run the Allambie Orphanage, in Ho Chi Minh City, admitted her ”whole life is up for sale”.

She said: ”I’m practically selling everything. My whole life is up for sale.

Hook's Allambie orphanage is scheduled to open in November. Link to story. Link to orphanage website. -via Arbroath

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@PacRim Jim :

I hope you are being sarcastic, because if you are not, then your viewpoint is highly limited, and completely skewed. This would, in my opinion, make you a very sad person.

I have no problem with ignorance; I only have a problem with people who willingly choose to remain ignorant.

This woman is admirable. It is very difficult for people to notice their privilege. She has, and is willing to give some of it up to make sure other children have a chance at the privilege she was given. She is an amazing woman.
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I think its fantastic that she did this with her own money...based on her own conscience. People gave her money in exchange for goods/services and she will now give that money to other people in exchange for goods/services she values. This is all very natural...she wanted an mercedes and life in england, now she wants an orphanage and life in vietnam. Good for her...and good for all those children she will help. Moral of the story...make yourself valuable...become wealthy...use your money to advance causes you believe in. STOP relying on politicians who promise to take money from people who have it in order to advance your never works and it just pisses everyone off.
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"My life is really evil. Like, there are people who are starving in the world, and I drive an “Infinity.” That’s really evil! There are people who just starve to death! That’s all they ever did. There’s people who were born, and they go “oh…I’m hungry,” and then they just die. And that’s all they ever got to do. And meanwhile I’m in my car like “boom, boom bam!” like having a great time, and I sleep like a baby!It’s ... totally my fault. Because I could trade my “Infinity” for like a really good car, for like a nice Ford “Focus” with no miles on it. And I would get back like twenty thousand dollars. And I could save hundreds of people from dying of starvation with that money. And every day I don’t do it. Every day I make them die with my car." - Louis C.K.
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People tend to help those they relate to the most.
Human nature.

I think it's great and respectable.
Not many people could give away what they've earned.
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