Researchers Dressed as Panda Bears Return Baby Pandas to the Wild

When zoologists previously attempted to return a panda bear cub to the wild, the cub did not survive. They suspect that other wild pandas killed him. So this time, the researchers at China's Wolong panda preserve limited human contact as much as possible. They even dressed in panda suits while returning cubs to the preserve:

In a new strategy, earlier this year conservationists released four pregnant Pandas into a protected area of Sichuan forest in order to prepare their future cubs for life in the wild.

In these pictures researchers at Wolong's Hetaoping Research and Conservation Center take the temperature of a four-month-old cub before carefully returning him to the 'wild' where he is monitored by 24-hour CCTV.

Link via Jim Treacher | Photo: Reuters

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Wow I'm going to offset the negativity a little and give kudos to the ones who came up with the panda suit idea... hilariously genius! Besides, even if pandas aren't the most viable species this planet has ever seen, we are the stewards of the earth and should look out for our fellow chordates (if we have any humanity left in us, anyway). We've made enough species go extinct already, let's change it up this time and actually work to preserve life!
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Yeah. It's sad when we're trying harder than they are to keep the species going.
I like Panda's and all, but they're dying out because they...suck.
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