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I thought this sounded a bit much; comment below is from the original link website:

here was NEVER a "secret platform" built for FDR. That platform was built duing the
original construction of the station pre-1912. It was built to serve the Adams Express Company (fore-
runner of the Railway Express Agency which was the UPS or Fed-Ex of the mid 20th Cent.). The Adams building was demolished to make way for the Waldorf Astoria, but the platform and elevator remained
in place. Should you have any doubt, I would refer you to the American Heritage History of Railroads in America. On pages 214 and 215, there is a detailed diagram of the lower level of GCT. The platform is
there along with the corridor and elevator clearly marked "Express Company Trucking Subway". FYI, (the trucks involved were two and four-wheeled handcarts used to move packages from the platform to the
sorting areas on the upper floors of the Adams Company building. (NOTE : there is absolutely NO evidence that FDR ever used that platform. In fact, on his only
documented visit to the Waldorf during his presidency, he arrived and departed by motorcade.)

Now, as far as the "Special bullet-proof car". That's a standard express-type car used for transporting
mail and packages. The so-called "gun ports" are merely clerestory windows installed to provided light on the interior of an otherwise windowless car. FDR did have a special bullet-proof Pullmann which
has been used by other presidents since (Ronald Reagan was the most recent), it's named the
"Ferdinand Magellan". It is an officially-designated National Landmark, and is is on public display. The US Army Signal Corps operated a specially-adapted baggage car named the General Albert Meyer that usually accompanied the Magellan, but it only carried the enormous and very heavy communications and encoding equipment in use at that time. It wasn't armored and didn't have "gun ports".
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Cake mixes? Not what I would be longing-for away from home.... but then neither would I be dying for "fluff", "Newman's Own" or Swiss Miss. I'd say these are not American "comfort" items, but what one person at one store thinks America food stuffs represent.
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"Myers says she made a rational choice" - The shoulder is not what needs treatment...... At least here if you show-up to an emergency room, you have to be treated regardless if you have insurance or can pay.
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