24 Types of Libertarians vs. 24 Types of Authoritarians

After cartoonist Barry Deutsch created a cartoon depicting 24 Types of Libertarians, you knew that libertarians wouldn't take that lying down. Libertarian Davi Barker retorted with this re-mix: 24 Types of Authoritarians - via Accordion Guy

Naturally, progressives want in on the fun:

Am I missing any other political viewpoints?

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There should be a thirteenth panel in each comic representing, respectively, the type of Libertarian, Authoritarian, and Progressive who don't think their respective cartoons reflect the beliefs of real people.
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I’m pretty far left and fairly libertarian, so I don’t feel like I fit into any of these completely, and all of them a little.

That said, the first one is really funny and makes good points.
The authoritarian one is just OK
The Progressive one just wasn’t funny and didn’t actually seem to be about people in this world.
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I'm the cartoonist who created the original cartoon. My first reaction, upon seeing this post, was "Oh, cool! I've made Neatorama!"

So far, these are the only three that exist, but I'd encourage anyone else who wants to, to go ahead and remix my cartoon. The more the merrier.

And Edward, since you asked: You can buy a poster to my version of the cartoon by following the link here (also available on a tshirt). I think Bob Hayes, who made the one making fun of progressives, is planning something similar but hasn't gotten around to it yet.
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