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Lea and Skipweasel - API,March 2008- The crime rate in Oslo has been growing at an alarming rate and recent statistics show the Norwegian capital had 20 percent more robberies last year than in 2006.

While crime in the rest of Norway has been going down, it has been quite another situation in Oslo, where personal and automobile thefts increased markedly last year.There were 10,600 crimes reported in public places in 2007, up from 8,000 a year earlier, writes Norwegian daily newspaper Dagbladet.

Oslo had the highest rate per person in Scandinavia in terms of reported crimes, with 90 reported crimes per 1,000.

Copenhagen had 50 crimes reported per 1,000 and Stockholm had 79.

In New York, there were 22 reported crimes per 1,000 inhabitants.

This means there were four times as many reported crimes per person in Oslo as in New York.

The Oslo police are blaming the increase on an influx of East Europeans, and Minister of Justice Knut Storberget is reportedly partly in agreement.

However, Storberget said it is necessary to be careful drawing parallels with such statistics. “But regardless, we can say the crime figures in Oslo are too high,” he was reported to have said.
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Not surprising.....but then I can't imagine how much "excretions" we consume each week when we don't wash and cook it ourselves. Those cookies Sue brought from home and put in the break room? Like her cats haven't been all over them before her kid sneezed on them after they came out of the oven.
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Tiger.... is this that animal that sells breakfast cereal? Or that old Exxon deal about putting a tiger in your tank? Did it get lost in the woods?
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I'm still amazed that people still don't understand that any time some organization (or person) is working with other people's money, there is very little incentive for them to be efficient and thrifty. The entire state and federal government is funded entirely by other people's money... your tax dollar. They didn't earn it, they don't deserve it and they have ZERO motivation to use the money wisely. Taxes are a cancer on society.
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