Three-Legged Bear Walks Upright

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This video shows a wild bear with three legs. Presumably it was born without a front leg or lost it later in life. The bear gets up on his hind legs and walks like a human. Is it real or fake?

via Urlesque

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Its more likely that the bear was caught in a wolf or lynx snare. A bear snare would most times cinch down just above the foot, although infection could have caused the area above the snare to become necrotic and fall off. Having watched bears moving on their hind legs more than several dozen times, this bear is remarkably fluid in its walking motion. The typical bear gait when using only its hind legs is an awkward, plodding motion. This bear's skill could potentially come from practicing, although there are likely muscular and skeletal contraints to a bear walking so fluidly. Who knows except for the videographer? It won't surprise me at all to discover it is a hoax. It would not shock me to find out its true, either.
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It is not common for bears to walk in bipedal mode
like this bear does in this video.
This one has obviously learned to do this.
Bears getting up to sniff and to get a better look around, or to stand up to face off with other bears is one thing...
But to walk around like this bear is not advantageous for a animal designed to walk on four legs.
Bears are capable of this for sure. Just look at trained walking bears, or in this case a bear that has learned to do this. This one probably lost the leg in a bear leg hold trap. Maybe at one point its leg was in so much pain before it lost the limb(for whatever reason)it learned that getting up to walk was advantageous. But it looks like it only does this on certain surfaces and for brief periods of time.
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Jody "This bear should be applauded for her ingenuity and courage, even though it is instinctive."

Don't clap at the bear, I think that'd scare it.

I think a quiet "huzzar" might be better.
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This bear is a victim of a cruel, inhumane bear trap- she had to chew off her leg and paw to save her own life- that shows intelligence. To know that it would be easier for her to walk upright to get the weight off her chest and other leg again shows remarkable intelligence, not to mention agility.

This is not a joking matter, this is a criminal act against bears. I wonder what it must be like to walk in your own private land (which the wilderness belongs to the animals) and have a cruel, painful trap hold you captive and the decision you have to make is this extreme.

This bear should be applauded for her ingenuity and courage, even though it is instinctive. I doubt the majority of people in this world would be able to make this decision.

The point of this whole topic is to stop inhumane animal trapping, not to ridicule this specific bear.
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