Visualized Facts About Bottled Water

If you've ever wondered what the financial or ecological costs of a bottle of water really are, then check out this great infographic detailing the facts of bottled water. Some of the things are really interesting, like the fact that 40% of all bottled water companies just get their water from tap water.


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I buy bottled water because I can't carry around a drinking fountain. The reason I don't use reusable bottles for water is that I have yet to find one that is dishwasher safe and will fit in the top shelf of my dishwasher.
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Water bottles are a huge problem. People just toss them out their car windows or wherever. Find a stream that has recently flooded and look at the banks where the water line was and you're likely to see hundreds of plastic water bottles among the other trash. It's sad.

Of course people do the same thing with cans, glass bottles, etc. Humans are just nasty, selfish creatures.
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Yea, I've lived in areas where the tap water is brown and undrinkable.

It's fine to sneer at the trendy buffoons who turn up their noses at different brands of bottled water that are all really tap water, but when you get up a 6am and try to make coffee of tea from something that smells like an old turpentine bucket you have a different view of the subject...
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I lived in Los Angeles for 15 years. The tap water there is beyond disgusting. I now live in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA. Our tap water is palatable and safe. I don't miss buying and lugging around bottles of water. When I see people here with bottled water I just want to ask them if they are buying it just because they think it's "cool." If bottled water is not a necessity, then don't buy it! If you do buy it, PLEASE RECYCLE.
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