Clever Cover Up Tattoos After The Break Up

A tattoo of someone's name is such a bad idea for so many reasons, but just because you made a mistake that doesn't mean you have to get stuck with it forever, or pay a big bill for laser surgery. Cover up tattoos are a great way to hide your mistakes if you can't erase them, and a nice but bigger picture goes a long way.

From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by jerseychick.

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Nice cover.....tribal is hard to cover anything did a stellar job.....^^^and if tattoos aren't for you, then they aren't for you...they're kind of like opinions..not for everyone.
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I can still read the names under half of them! Bad coverup is bad. I think only the "void" and "slut" ones are somewhat acceptable, but only because they're funny.

Reminds me vaguely of my best friend's dad's tattoo. He had a Pink Panther going all Captain Morgan on a toolbox with a wrench in one hand. For some reason he later decided to change it; the wrench became a Native American flute with feathers and the panther was now wearing a chieftain's headdress. I don't remember if the toolbox was changed, but it was the most godawful tattoo I've ever seen.

Another set of friends had each other's online personas tattooed on their arms. They broke up about a year or so later and it still makes me laugh. Only one of them bothered inking over theirs to modify it, although it still looks like it was drawn by a toddler in MS Paint.
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No offense but I think tattoos are stupid. They don't make you unique or stand out since so many people have them; it's more unique these days to not have one.
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IMO a strange "tribal" mishmash looks just as bad as the regretable name tattoo. Maybe even worse because at least "Cindy" makes sense.

About half the cover ups on the page are pretty good.
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