Baby Skunk

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YouTube user lizardgirl797 raised a litter of nine baby skunks. This one, named Goober, was her favorite. -via Metafilter, where you can find more skunk video links.

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Actually skunks do serve a purpose as mother natures cleanup crew and A skunk would rather run and hide than use its best form of defence, which is spraying. When forced to do so, they emit a small amount of putrid odor to defend themselves. They are extremely passive agressive, much like a porcupine. I sometimes wish I could emit the same putrid stench to slow moving waitresses that never refill my coffee in the morning. :) We loved goober and he was so playful. He would even give hugs and whine when he wanted to be held. I was very lucky to have him in my life for the time I did and I will be forever changed. I am one of those people who now drives a little slower at night down the highway watching for wildlife on the roads just because of him and he showed me that wildlife and animals can successfully coexist:)
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Pet bred skunks usually have their scent glands taken out when they're very young and the glands are still immature or something like that. So when they're taken out, there's absolutely no smell left behind.
Yes, I looked it up a while ago b/c I would love a skunk pet lol.
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Perferrably with the scent gland removed.

And dont tell me to buy a different pet cause Im gonna buy a skunk! :]

Please give me websites for where I can buy baby skunks in Cincinnati Ohio.
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