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Three tries? i said pfh! i'll do this.
First try; i was browsing using my wacom tablet so that failed.
Second try; i couldn;t hear any waves, so i raised the volume, that made it fail too, lol!
So in the end i got surprised by the change in the page when the timer was done because i was too busy trying to find more than 4 birds. oh dear...
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while i am female, i only have male friends and the girls i know are not exactly feminine to begin with.
and in my opinions, they easily make far better friends, yes.
Because i'd rather have an intelligent conversations, hehe!
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its far better in bags because you don't have to deal with the cardboard beak stikcy from dried milk thats annoying to open...
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I've already been doing this since birth...
really, last week i weight myself and i got to 40 kg while i was 45. i cannot get fat no matter how much patato chips i eat... :c
they should build a really tall tower and put all the fat people at the top.
oh wait, it would just collapse.
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Oh! i saw many like these at wal-mart!
umm.. what were they called? Mummies Tomb or curse? *the mummie* and Merlin's aprentice? *harry potter. there were many others.
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