Website Challenges You to Do the Impossible: Absolutely Nothing for Two Minutes

Alex Tew created a website that encourages you to calm down and slow down. Just sit in front of your computer and do nothing for two minutes but listen to the sound of waves splashing. No, don't touch your mouse or keyboard or you'll have to start over. Tew writes:

I had been thinking how we spend every waking minute of the day with access to an unlimited supply of information, to the point of information overload. i also read somewhere that there is evidence that our brains are being re-wired by the internet, because we get a little dopamine kick every time we check our e-mail or Twitter or Facebook and there’s a new update. So we’re all developing a bit of ADD. which is probably not great in terms of being productive.

It took me three tries.

Link via Geekosystem

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Three tries? i said pfh! i'll do this.
First try; i was browsing using my wacom tablet so that failed.
Second try; i couldn;t hear any waves, so i raised the volume, that made it fail too, lol!
So in the end i got surprised by the change in the page when the timer was done because i was too busy trying to find more than 4 birds. oh dear...
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This is bogus. I even turned off my wireless mouse and folded my hands behind my head, and it kept failing me after 15 seconds max. I get the point, but however it is processing activity is way too sensitive.
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That was easy? What's the problem? Even 'ADD' style grown up with a computer playing games in black and white since babyhood youngin' can do this, so it's silly to compare it as if it has something to do with it. Maybe people who haven't lived with it their whole lives have problems adjusting, that would be interesting.
Although, my screen went dim as though it was going to sleep, and I was worried that I wouldn't know when to stop. But then I thought, cool, it's like the sun is really setting. :D
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I made it all the way through on my first try but I have to admit I was sitting there watching the clock and waiting for a zombie face to pop up and scream at me real loud.
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