Milk in a Bag

I learned something new ... and disturbing about our neighbors to the North. It turns out that you can buy milk in plastic bags in Canada.

How do you drink from plastic bags? Sheryl from Pinc Stuff explains in this short YouTube video clip over at TYWKIWDBI: Link

Crazy, eh?

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Silly Non-americans, always calling us as silly.

"Odd" is always a matter of perspective. One country can have been doing something a particular way for thousands of years, but to an outsider it may seem odd. As having milk in bags is not typical for Americans, it will appear odd. Odd does not necessarily mean it's a bad thing, just different. Things Americans do may appear odd to other countries just as things other countries do may appear odd to Americans. So of course Americans find it "odd" that some other countries drink milk out of bags, why?, because it isn't something they do.

I know back in elementary school, they used to serve us our milk and juice in little baggies similar to the ones in the video. The were pretty cool, we just stabbed the pointy little straw they gave us with it and drank it like that. It's been a long time since i was in elementary school though and I doubt they serve it like that anymore.
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It is funny, I guess it is an age thing. If you are old enough to remember the days when the milkman delivered milk to your door a few times a week, you will remeber that in the US 5 gallon milk bags were should, for those who drank a lot of milk.

I drank a lot of milk, and I still do. My mom brought three a week. One each time the milkman delivered!
What a surprise to see a 3 litre bag here in Mexico.

However, the problem is that the bag, itself, is plastic. Plastic,as far as I know, is still a pertroleum product. So, plastic is plastic.

Also, I think that you will find that there are, or use to be, very few contries that have the gigantic refridgerators, like the americans in the US. So, yes it is true, space can be a premium and it does take less energy to keep it cool. A Double win :-)
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In Latin America milk in bags is quite commonplace. In Colombia We can even get delactosed, slim, with added fiber milk in bags! (can't get that anywhere in the US) And it doesn't even have to be refrigerated :D
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I grew up with bagged milk, but I prefer cartons. With bags, there is always the risk of milk disaster if the top flops over, as Michael D described. Also sometimes our fridge would drip condensation water into the space between the jug and the bag, and a little bit of this gross water would pour out of the jug when you poured the milk. Eww!
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