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A lot of this 'forcing' is being done by idealistic feminists and traditionalist men. Odd, isn't it, that two diametrically opposed groups are engaging in an identical form of detrimental behavioral conditioning.

The feminists don't want their daughters to be girly, and the traditionalist men don't want their sons to be girly. What gives?
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yep, biggest breakup of my life was instigated by my SO bragging to her friend about a particular week we spent apart, and a nosy friend of mine happening upon that message.

i still dont know if that was the best or the worst thing that could have happened, since the infidelities were well over 6 months past and we were in a really good place. sigh. probably for the best.
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Wow that's pretty awesome, except for the huffing... don't huff lighter fluid or paint or anything. The entire reason such things get you high is due directly to brain damage. That feeling? Yeah, that's your brain dying.

Don't know much about most of the pharmaceuticals he took, but the mushroom one I can completely identify with. Pretty surprised he didn't do any LSD, MDMA or ketamine given that he obviously has an eccentric supplier.


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I wasn't disputing the newsworthiness of this, only the ignorant "unkillable" label applied to this particular bovine. Being able to take .22 from a pistol is a really poor measure of immortality.
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Shooting a cow with a .22 is hardly a step up from a pellet gun.

the one on the left is a .22 LR, the one on the right is .223, what's used in AR-15's and other small carbines... and even the .223 is considered 'small' by many - certainly it lacks the kick of proper hunting rifle ammo like 30-06 or, on the lighter side, .308.

.22 is enough to maybe kill a raccoon, if you're a decent shot. This guy would have been better off throwing rocks at the frigging cow.
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"If you don’t understand it, you’re in good company – but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the movie."

Yeah, leave that part to the wooden performances.
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I gotta chime in and say that after being in a funk for a long time, what really got me out of it, what really acted as a sort of therapy was watching Buffy from beginning to end over this summer. I hadn't watched it before then, being averse to what appears at the outset to be a campy, shallow show - but oh good lord it isn't.
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Damn, that wasn't even hard. It's no wonder I have no debt, even though I live in the bay area and only pull in $32k a year. So... yeah i'm not sure what the big deal is - I even managed to lower taxes.
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