"Unkillable" Cow Attacks Rancher

To protect himself from an attacking cow, 70-year-old Oscar Wilcox shot the animal in the face with a .22 caliber pistol. When that didn't stop the onslaught, the Florida rancher's wife hit the cow several times with her truck to get it off of her husband. But even that didn't stop the "unkillable" bovine:
When that didn't work, she opened fire with the pistol that Wilcox had dropped in the encounter.

The crossbred cow, which sported 12 to 18-inch horns, was shot several times in the face, according to a police report. It was finally contained in the pasture.

"(Wilcox’s wife) stated that the cow has always been nasty and had attacked her about a week ago causing bruises," the report states.

Link | Photo by Flickr user Nostromoo used under Creative Commons license

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I've seen an 8lb opossum shrug off a .22LR, so what do you expect when you pop a 2500lb cow???

Down here in Florida (yes I'm near the location of the event) we have 200lb panthers, 800lb wild boar and 200lb deer that would laugh at that .22LR pistol.
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Gotta side with the hoomins.

When a large animal like a horse or cow gets pushy with you, you can get seriously injured quite alarmingly fast.

-Which I did not understand my first day around the ranch when I saw someone slug an animal in the head for biting; which to them has all the power a mild slap would to us.

That being said, most of the ones kept are either scared, disinterested, or total sweethearts.

If they knew that cow was mean, then where was the zapper? Why wasn't it made into hamburger already?
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