You Fix the Budget

In this interactive puzzle from The New York Times, you are presented with the US budget deficits for 2015 and 2030. You are also given a lot of ideas for cutting the budget or raising funds, from which you can pick and choose ways to fix the deficits. Make your choices and watch the savings add up -but remember that someone somewhere pays for every idea. You might not solve the country's financial problems, but you'll learn a lot about where the money goes. Link -via TYWKIWDBI

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Some of these cuts I question the "savings". Cutting 200-250 thousand jobs may save on payroll but how much is that going to cost in the local support and unemployment extentions? Also the foreign aid looks a little low since we just gave Israel about 120 Billion in free military equipment or doesn't that count as aid?

Why am I trying to solve the budget shortfall for 2030, a lot can happen in 20 years. Heck in 2000 we didn't have a budget this bad projected for 2010.
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Damn, that wasn't even hard. It's no wonder I have no debt, even though I live in the bay area and only pull in $32k a year. So... yeah i'm not sure what the big deal is - I even managed to lower taxes.
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