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Observer, your reasoning is specious and you actually wind up supporting my point in the end. By actively choosing to not adopt a dog and bring two clones into the world to fulfill an infantile delusion of somehow replicating what he loved about his previous pets (which probably won't work based on heaps of evidence), there are now two rescues still at risk of euthanasia. Plus the $309,750 dollars left over could, of course, be put to better use. Ultimately, what he winds up doing with his cash is his business- you brought up the orphans and the infirm- not me. My original point was that this is a missed opportunity for a win-win. He adopts two dogs who need a home and saves himself a quarter million plus. Not holier than thou at all.
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As an LA resident and owner or two rescues myself I'm dumbfounded why this rich a-hole cannot man up, move on and head down to any one of the LA county shelters and for the bargain price of 125 bucks give a home to one or two of the THOUSANDS of dogs currently in need of adoption.
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This is almost as troubling as Peter Stillman's father in Paul Auster's City of Glass. Peter's father locks him in the basement for his first nine years, blocked from hearing human speech in the delusional hope that the boy will learn the pure language of God and Eden. Except that was fiction!!
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Wow. From early, early childhood I have seen time in this way. Like a flat, multi-colored band. Does anyone also habitually sculpt towers in their mashed potatoes?
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A cousin who spent some time in Kuwait as a Marine in the mid 90s saw a couple of guys get knocked out cold after jumping out of the chopper before it was properly grounded and the static discharged. Great pic!
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