Human Father Speaks Only Klingon To His Young Son for Three Years

As one might expect from any involved and nurturing father, d'Armond Speers of Minnesota spoke only Klingon to his son for the first three years of his life. Hart Van Denburg writes in Citypages:

"I was interested in the question of whether my son, going through his first language acquisition process, would acquire it like any human language," Speers told the Minnesota Daily. "He was definitely starting to learn it."

And get this, Speers says he isn't really a huge Star Trek fan.

We'll take his word for it.

Does the fact that Speers has a doctorate in computational linguistics explain anything -- or excuse anything -- here? Maybe. His child-rearing habits were part of a larger story on the company he advises, Ultralingua, which develops language and translation software. Including Klingon.

Link via Geekologie | Image: Paramount

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I found this article amusing .... but what's not amusing is why some of you people are so abusive at each other, and abusive towards the father in the article...... surely you have your own life issues that you need to resolve instead of arguing over the net over something that really doesn't concern you....
Each have a point ... multiple linguistic capability is certainly a good thing (I was taught this when I studied secondary education in university) but as some said, the father could have taught a more useful language.
But in the end, what matters is not what the father did or what he did wrong .... but that some commentators on this article are acting like juveniles over something that ultimately does not concern them or their lives .....
So there are no adults after all, only kids in bigger bodies.... shame.......
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Some trekkies are amazingly hot. I met a guy at a trek convention this year who was an amazingly hot chekov (not nu chekov, but TOS chekov) and was not only clean smelling and trim, but could kiss like nothing else.

Love that I was dressed as fem!sulu too. IT WAS MADE TO BE.

Never saw him again though. Shame.

BTW, I'm not a slut or anything. Hahahaha. He was just weirdly charming and sweet and I'm a girl, not a asexual robot, damnit!
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B.M. I don't know what went so wrong in your life. But, when you look at all your comments on the whole, you have a very serious problem.
You hate. And that's all you do.
Get some help woman, don't bring your ignorance and hate here.
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