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Sadly it appears CCD is no mystery. And no its not the cellphones.
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I think its obvious that we can dump as much pollution into the atmosphere for as long as we want and it wont have any negative effects at all! Ronald Reagan told me so!
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I dont understand the odds though. Here in FL we have a six number Lotto and the odds are like one in fifty million to hit it. So how can hitting 6 numbers be one in four million?
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I doubted the numbers too based on the old we are mostly water idea. Post #10 had it right it is based on atomic elements not molecules. So we are mostly water which is two H for every O but every O has 8 protons and every H only has 1. So we are mostly O by atomic weight?
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Hey remember that industrial dye we add to all your food? Yeah well turns out it has unknown effects on your body but dont worry the effects are helpful. That makes me feel better..not.
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Congratulations Barack Obama!

I hope all the millions who voted for him realize that now the actual work begins. Casting a vote is the easiest part of democracy. I hope all the people he inspired stay active and help make our country a better place.
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I vote Obama. I dont agree with many of his policies though. Does not matter. I feel that we need someone like him. He is confident, unshakable, and I trust his judgment.

McCain talks a big game, country first and all that, but when it comes down to important decisions he has failed miserably. Choosing Palin as VP shows an utter lack of judgment, and it is not putting 'country first'. I think its also very important to note how he has run his campaign. He pledged to run an honorable and fair campaign. He has done the opposite. No doubt in my mind that the way he has run his campaign and the poor choices he has made are a preview of how he would run the White House. No thanks.

Obama has run an honorable campaign, shown excellent judgment, and I have no doubt that is how he will run the White House.
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I agree with Wrott. The firearms instructor should have been there with his hand ready or even on the weapon to ensure it didnt get away from the kid.
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If ACORN is so horrible I wonder why McCain appeared as the headline speaker at an ACORN sponsored rally where he told the ACORN people that they "are the people who make America great"

More hypocrisy. More lies.
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CFE what are you like totally insane?

And how can anyone look at these polling numbers and declare that if Obama wins he "stole" the election or cheated? Seriously?

Obama McCain

Research 2000: 52 41
Reuters/Zogby: 49 44
Battleground: 50 44
Rasmussen: 50 46
Diageo/Hotline: 49 41

Gallup: 50 43
IBD/TIPP: 45 42
Pew Poll: 49 42
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I can only remember one time where a commercial airliner crashed on water and lifejackets were actually needed. In that case, however, many of the passengers inflated them while still in the plane and were then trapped inside and unable to escape. Those who did not inflate them were able to swim down and out of the wreckage. There would have been more survivors if there were not jackets. Bummer.
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