Obama Won!

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It's official: Barack Obama has made history in being elected the 44th President of the United States! Congratulations to President-Elect Obama!

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Yo yo, chill, y'all. Drop it like it's hot, and get down with the new Admin. It will be relaxed, now that CPT will prevail.

Have fun watching out for Bad Black English, which will be everywhere one of the black members of the Obama posse shows up. It's not nit picking, it is observing telltale signs of imprecise thinking and the advancement of the mediocre through affirmative action. Valerie Jarrett and Michelle O are the poster children. Don't mean to be offensive, just making observations based upon a lifetime of quality education and work experience.
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@ Red:

Hate for Obama? No. I think you're reading a lot more into what I've said about Obama than you should. Pity is probably more accurate. That and disdain for his proposed policies and his philosophy on the economy & society. Also a bit of contempt for the system that would put someone that unqualified for the job on the ballot for President, and a lot of contempt for a media machine that helped him get elected.

Now that he's won the election, he'll be in charge, so arguing that he isn't qualified is pretty much wasted breath. I'll support him as best as I can, as I have respect for the office, if not for the man.
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"Obama Won!"

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