Winking Sarah Palin in LEGO

I just wanted you to know that I've tried hard to avoid the temptation of posting a lot of political stuff on Neatorama because some of you get all worked up in the comment section, but I couldn't resist this one: the winking Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin in LEGO by ochre jelly.

Link - via The Brothers Brick

Please keep the comment section civil, mmkay?

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LEGO is neat, politics is neat.

Lying trolls are not neat, neither is feeding the troll by responding to his O'Reilly impersonations. Ignore and he will find some other bridge to snark under.
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Thank you for not making a lot of comments on politics. There are plenty of other places to find incendiary comment. That is one reason I quit going to boingboing. You're doing a great job.
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She had one strand of hair that seemed to be bothering her: sticking to her eyelashes, causing her to blink a great deal. I noticed it because I don't like my hair getting in my face, and having bangs long enough to touch my eyelashes would drive me batty. So that was what I got out of the frequent blinking/winking that she did during the debate.
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