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From memory (not the best memory either) the first time I had seen this type of art work was from about 20 years ago, a homeless artist on Vancouver Island was making these rock stacks on the side of the main highway. He worked in the late hours of the night and in the AM.

It was a mystery for a few weeks until he was spotted.

Still very cool!
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From memory, this is a weather/lightning research facility.

I believe they attach a small gauge wire filament, that is miles long, to the tail of a scale rocket and then fire said rocket into the Cumulus clouds to create the lightning strikes at a predicted time and on target..

how do you land a job like that!
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This is the full video that this was taken from.. its much more impressive in HD and on a large Plasma or LCD TV
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@Ted, not trying to be racist, just pragmatic.

Forever, minorities, especially in the USA have complained about unfair treatment at the hands of the establishment (aka white folk), now that Obama has attained the highest position in the land (some would say the world) it takes away the argument that any segment of society is being held back by another.

Taking that argument away now creates a society of mutual respect.. well it should anyhow.

Its not much different from the struggle women faced to get to the top of the corporate ladder.

The only thing holding anyone back, individual or group is themselves.
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