Earth Rotating Against the Stars

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One thing we should always remember is that the the earth is spinning around while the stars stay relatively constant in the sky. YouTube member bulletpeople took a beautiful existing time-lapse video of the stars and edited it to show the stars as static in the sky, which highlights the rotation of the earth. -via reddit

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I hate to disagree (no, actually I don't), but "the universe rotating around the earth" idea does not add up. You're attempting to use relativity to un-define the universal epicenter, the point away from which all things are moving at a consistent and similar speed, when in fact that point is defined in relative terms. There is no other point away from which all things are consistently moving, the Earth included. That point is defined by all other things, it is not a thing in and of itself. If we follow that to the logical conclusion then this point must be the epicenter, or site of the beginning of the universe's expansion. The beginning of time, if you will.

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Solipsism: 0
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In actuality you can't tell the difference between the earth rotating around the sun and the entire universe rotating around the earth. If the entire universe rotated around the earth it would look exactly like the earth rotating around the sun.

In fact, if the entire universe was a mere projection of the metacognitive laws of experience, it would look exactly as if it wasn't a mere projection and would appear to span light-years of time and space. It would look exactly like it does now. Except you wouldn't have any of these "fine-tuning" dilemmas as the teleology as commensurate to self-awarenss would resolve all extant cosmological problems.
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This is the full video that this was taken from.. its much more impressive in HD and on a large Plasma or LCD TV
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