Bagelheads Invade Japan

Extreme body modification has taken an interesting turn in Japan. These lovely people above have had saline pumped into their foreheads for about two hours, a process that creates a rather, um, well... it makes a lump. And if you press your thumb into your forehead while the saline is pumping in, it makes a bagel, which is awesome? I don't get it. There's an interview with the intrepid Ryoichi “Keroppy” Maeda, who introduced the technique to Japan over at Vice Style. Lots more pics, but probably NSF-the needle-sensitive.

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The chick has two different lenses. The one on the left is " blood red" which is something in between a regular lense and a sclera lense. The one on the right is " white out".
I have sets of both for my zombie outfits.
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Its their life...seems alien to me to deliberately go out of your way to look ugly though.

Anyone remember Otto Sump's ugly craze in 2000ad from like 1980 or something? Well, here it is...
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It looks like she is wearing a white contact, similar to what Marylin Manson wears in some of his stage shows.

0 is trying to belong. Think of it in those terms.
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