Hand-Feeding a Great White Shark

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In this anxiety-inducing video, you can see shark expert Valerie Taylor feeding a Great White Shark...by hand! And the end, she actually pets the shark on the head. As one YouTube commenter puts it "holy crap its the Shark Whisperer."

via Doobybrain

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Valerie Taylor has been working with whites for over 40 years. If she said that it was ok to swim with the animal, I'd jump right in. I've also swam with whites a year ago. Every white is different. The ones I swam with were quite gentle and more curious than anything.

Many of you are sadly misinformed. This ignorance is the very thing that leads to the slaughter of these beautiful creatures.
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I am all about trying to understand God's creatures and treat them humanely and see them as beautiful. I have also swam with sharks a few times. HOWEVER, they were well fed and VERY used to being around people their ENTIRE lives. Have I dove with sharks in the wild? I have had a few pass by, but I didn't offer them anything to eat or distract them in any way. Do you see how in the video the white sharks eyes seem to "white-out"? That's because a protective covering goes over their eyes just before they attack. I say "attack" because that is what they do. They do not gingerly take something from someone's hand. THEY CAN'T EVEN SEE WHEN THEY BITE, so he is NOT watching to make sure he doesn't bite her. It's PURE LUCK that she wasn't bitten or dragged in with anything else. And he wasn't sticking around just so she could pet him. She just happens to touch him a few times before he submerged again. There is no "understanding" here. IT'S A WILD ANIMAL ATTACKING ITS PREY, pure and simple. Sorry, lady. You're NOT making a friend here.
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I hardly consider anyone that feeds a wild animal like that an expert. I can't see anything good coming out of conditioning great white SHARKS to expect food from humans.
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Most of the comments here speak of ignorance towards these animals....while I would not advocate getting into the water with the sharks unprotected, I swam with more docile species in a cage in Hawai'i. Fascinating and beautiful creatures that I wish more people would respect instead of fear.
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