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I agree that women everywhere (as a rule) have fewer children as they grow more educated (however the biggest difference happens between zero education and a high school degree, with a smaller jump between a high school degree and a college degree) -- but, if you look into Asian cultures, the issue of male chauvinism does play a fairly important role in that decision. In other words, it's not because of feminism that the problem has arisen, it's because traditional attitudes in men (and societal expectations on women) have, as a rule, failed to adjust to that change. (There are always exceptions, of course.) Basically, Asian countries are at the stage of the 1970s in the US, where the infamous Enjoli commercial sums up the expectations for a working woman/mother -- and it's nearly impossible to have more than two children in those conditions.
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I can't imagine why the Princes weren't in therapy for years following the loss of their mother! You'd think that, if anyone would have the resources, it would have been the Royal Family -- plus no one on earth would have scorned children for being distraught after the sudden death of a parent, no matter who said child and parent were!
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Improving women's rights and educating men on 21st century attitudes and norms in Asian countries would go a long way toward improving birth rates. Being treated like an equal at both work and in the home, and having men shouldering half the house and child care would encourage more women to have more children.
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I'm not young and so don't have the thumb dexterity of a younger person (I tend to use the index finger hunt-and-peck on the phone.) I can type infinitely faster on a keyboard for longer and with less fatigue. The 38 WPM on a phone isn't terribly impressive -- especially because it probably doesn't include proper capitalization or punctuation or even complete sentences -- I can probably do double that, or nearly so, on my computer.
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All dad had to do was say "No electronics outside." Simple fix. Bonus if said dad brought out the kid's crayons and challenged the kid to turn the box into something -- a castle, a rocket, a house, a store . . . . Also, it's very possible that we're romanticizing the past. One kid and a box isn't much fun; it's probable that, in the past, there were multiple siblings and/or neighbors making up games with the boxes. (Of course, one of those games was probably "torment the smallest or weakest".)
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Nonsense. Where in the world did you get the idea that Trump doesn't need sleep? Trump needs it -- he just functions on an endless stream of Diet Coke, and, if the reports are to be believed (and I think they should be) crushed Adderal, which he snorts, especially before speeches. Plus, he doesn't even get to work before 11 am (after watching Fox and Friends), and no doubt, naps during his endless afternoon "Executive time" which seems to mainly comprise lying in bed watching Fox "News".
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I see a few issues with this, from the city's POV -- 1. Those high parts are screaming to be climbed on, and slid down and maybe even jumped (between rows) -- isn't this a liability nightmare? 2. Cities usually go out of their way to avoid having any way for the homeless to lie down or sleep -- this seems like it would be a magnet for people who have nowhere to rest. (Not saying that I'm anti-homeless people, just that it's a reality in most cities.)
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