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This idea reminds me of the Eureka episode "E=MC . . . ?" where eating cloned chicken made the genius town stupid. Don't worry, I'm sure 3D printing would be fine! (BTW, Eureka's a great show to binge. Enjoy!)
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I'm no engineer (and maybe there are alternate emergency exits, but it seems like a bad idea to but the door in a car at the place most likely to be crushed and jammed by an accident.
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I'm a huge fan of Korean movies (they do really good ghost/supernatural ones) -- once you start feeling proficient, you'll have lots of opportunity to pick it up by ear by watching. I picked up a few words without even intending to after a few shows.
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I'd like to know if there's somewhere that cites the exact number of people who speak the language on the map for each state. After all, once you exclude English and Spanish, there could theoretically be ONE person who speaks, say, Arabic, and that would be represented on the map in the same way it would be if there were 3 million people who spoke that language.
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