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Wow, Wendi, couldn't disagree more! I think Galaxy Quest was a brilliant send-up of but simultaneously a love-letter to the original Star Trek. Perhaps you're just too young to have appreciated it.
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I have to recommendd the Eureka Christmas-episode entitled Do You See What I See (Season 4, episode 21) in which some of the characters are, well, not magically, but scientifically, transformed into avatars of themselves by various kinds of animation. You don't have to know the backstory of the series to get it -- actually, it's the episode that introduced me to this great, creative show.
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Galaxy Quest honestly is a great movie. It's most fun for people who know (or at least know of) the original Star Trek movies but, really, anyone would enjoy it. As far as I remember, it's even little-kid safe (you might want to preview it before you introduce little ones to it, it's been a few years since I watched it) so it might be a good one to keep everyone entertained through the coming family-centric holidays.
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I'm "guilty" of the McDonalds thing because 1) I very rarely have been there and I don't know the menu by heart and there may be something new/interesting and 2) I think it's far more polite to stand back until I know what I want so I can order quickly and efficiently than be like those who dither at the counter while ordering. As to the thermostat thing -- I don't think people think bumping the thermostat higher will make it get warm faster; I believe it's an attempt to make the room eventually heat to a temperature higher than normal for at least a little while so people can "thaw out" before turning it back down to a cooler temp.
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Of course it's true -- as we all know, the US is a nation of immigrants -- and almost no one emigrates from their own country if they are flourishing there (unless they are in danger and so emigrate to save their lives.) Trump is full of **** about this and everything else he spews.
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I'm guessing that people at the equator mostly think, "Man, it's bloody freaking hot!" And they're aggressive because the 10,000th person has just asked them, "Hot enough for ya?"
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Anyone can "pray on the go" if they're so inclined -- traditional rosaries are far more lightweight and portable than this silly gadget. Of course, I'm not a believer in anything supernatural (although I was brought up Catholic) so even the beads are silly to me. But the fact that this is being pushed by the Vatican is particularly obnoxious -- "Here -- buy this unnecessary and overpriced thing so you can make one of the richest entities in the world richer . . . because we need more millions to pay off the victims of child rape by our priests, who we won't turn over to police for justice.
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I don't always say please or thank you to my Alexa but I do always use a polite tone of voice -- but I think the Addams family modeled good behavior for these circumstances decades ago, by always kindly saying, "Thank you, Thing." If they could do that for a disembodied hand, I can do it for the glowing blue line that does so much for me!
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