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This calls for a call out to McMansion Hell -- - It's strayed a bit from its original purpose (to call out the nightmare that is the average McMansion) but it's amusing to wander through -- I believe she coined the term "lawyer foyer" (which you can probably figure out is one of those overly grand ones.)
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This piece was interesting until the BS comment about snowflakes. These kids were arguably exploited by their father and certainly were abused, neglected, and put in unnecessary danger by him -- as people even then apparently noted. Thank goodness that parents as horrible as him would today be held accountable.

As to the previous commenter -- the Cry Closet was originally an art piece that right-wing media went off on without understanding (as it so often does.) But, for the record, crying is a natural and healthy human emotion. People who repress natural human emotions tend to release them in violent or harmful ways -- like committing mass shootings.
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