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Get Off My Pop Culture Lawn!

Cracked challenged readers to illustrate how their view of pop culture stories have changed over time. It's a question of maturity: they all show the difference between watching a movie as a child and then as an adult. Amazing how your perspective can change, huh? I had to laugh because I was an adult when every one of these movies and TV shows came out, with the possible exception of the example they chose for James Bond.

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I've never understood how people look at full-time office drone work as a horrible outcome.
Seated work in an air conditioned environment is awesome. 8 AM to 5 PM, M-F? That's a fantastic schedule that lets you live a life outside of work.
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It's all relative. Any home looks nice to someone who lives with their parents, or in their car. Any white collar job, no matter how boring, looks good to someone coming home from their joe job only to work on their Uber or other side hustle to get by.
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That first picture couldn't possibly be any more wrong. "Nice Homes" -> I've lived in every size home you can think about, and you don't get happier when the home gets nicer. The more you own, the more it owns you. A person in a 1-bedroom apartment doesn't stay up at night worrying over his employees, a business, or a 10-bedroom mcmansion full of people he has to feed. "Easy jobs" - I don't think any of those movies give enough context for us to know that. If a movie shows a guy at their job for a day, it doesn't really convey what the other 364 days were like. Even if they were easy jobs, that would be boring and it would create a whole other type of stress. "Incredibly secure lives" - that statement is not just wrong it's silly. You could be the richest person on earth and step off a sidewalk and get hit by a car. 99% of the universe is uninhabitable. No such thing as "incredibly secure life" in this universe or any other. You could be the richest person on earth and you still age/suffer. Out of 7.6 billion people on this planet - how many would gladly do physical/mental harm to Jeff Bezos to better their own situation? Jeff Bezos isn't safe anywhere on this Earth but behind armed guards.
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