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These herding shepherds are curious and intelligent; they like to play. And they need space to play a ranch or farm.

If the owner doesn't have enough space for them, they can become hard to get along with.
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I close my eyes, only for a moment and the moments gone
All my dreams, pass before my eyes...a curiosity
Ducks in the wind
All they are is ducks in the wind
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I was a squatter. Stopped making payments on my home after getting laid-off. I was expecting a couple of sheriff's deputies to physically remove me any day, but it never happened. Expecting a certified letter in the mail, but I never got one. I stayed in that home for 3 more years. I kept the grass cut. Kept the heat on so the pipes didn't freeze and bust.

Finally, I called the mortgage company (the mortgage had been sold several times). Dumb probably, but the guilt of squatting did bother me, especially after years had gone by. So I had to get out.

That $55,000 house was offered for sale on the court house steps for $87,000. The fees and penalties were so great the balance was $32,000 more than the value of the property.

In the end, the house was purchased for $25,800. It had a nice backyard. On the water. With a pier.
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Well...there is the Branching Timeline Theory. People from the future are traveling back in time (like Vic), but when they arrive time branches. In our timeline we never know they are there. So somebody did kill Hitler, but by so doing they created another timeline.

@Pony...we didn't need a telephone-like apparatus on the moon to travel from the Earth to the moon. Because we can move about in these three dimensions we know so well. Therefore, expanding these other dimensions should give us additional capabilities to move about without the need for a telephone booth on either end of the journey.

In conclusion, regardless of which timeline we travel, I don't believe there will ever be a dead, male Northern Quoll without a smile on its face.
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The additional dimensions which are required to make the math work out (11 dimensions total) are so small as to go unnoticed by us. However, expand one or more of those extra dimensions until it contains the three we know. Then make the move, then collapse what was expanded back to normal. Voila!

Actually, I agree with Christophe. Why haven't people from the future traveled back to visit us? Are we so boring we are not even a tourist destination? Wouldn't somebody have gone back and killed Hitler? The only logical conclusion, unfortunately, is that we do not exist in the future. Or more specifically, we do not exist long enough to perfect time travel.
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Absolutely sue!!! It is the American way. Settle out of court for an undisclosed amount of course! But GET PAID!

A windfall like this only happens once, maybe twice, in a lifetime. Only a fool would pass this opportunity by.
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How about putting a sign on the high paid executives that our tax dollars bailed out. A sign with how much bonus they received for failing at their jobs!
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Isn't this just a rover in a different, more complex hardware configuration? Shaping it in a humanoid form is just "show biz". How much of its computer processing and electrical power will be consumed just to get the thing to walk and maintain balance? But at least it will still be there to construct habitats when subsequent missions send up the necessary equipment...if it doesn't break down!
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Ignorance is bliss!

Humans do this sort of thing all the time! We lie to our kids (Santa, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy), but we don't think of it as lying. Historians lie, but they simply pass it off as an embellishment of the truth or a literary license to exaggerate. Attorneys lie, but it is just another interpretation of the facts. Commercials lie to us almost non-stop, but it is just business as usual. Most wealthy individuals amassed their fortunes with lies. Politicians lie, because honest politicians are so rarely elected.

I suppose it is somewhat admirable to want the world to be a better place than the truth will allow, but I wonder what it would be like to live in a world of brutal honesty. Perhaps a sociologist can get a grant to study such a scenario, but to get the grant he will probably have to lie.

Ignorance is bliss!
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A very large photovoltaic field would be built in an area of the country considered undesirable (like a desert). Just one sand storm would cover acres of panels with sand. And that would shut the whole thing down. It just isn't feasible.
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