Beatles 3000

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In this documentary video, historians and archaeologists from the year 3000 try to piece together information about The Beatles from 20th Century fragmentary remains. The impact that John, Paul, Greg, and Scottie had on music, culture, and technology cannot be underestimated.

The video was created by Scott Gairdner, a producer of viral humor videos.

via The Presurfer

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huh, interesting to think about... though I see a more subtle slap to current archeologists today, basically a social commentary that says "we don't know what happened a 1000 years ago and are just stupid to think that we do." Now it's true we don't have all the details, and archeology and science can't prove that something didn't happen. What we can do is give a probability of how much something is true based on the evidence available e.g. the number of documents that we find that agree with one another, how much they agree or disagree, how close they were written to the original source... Give historians a brake, as smart people able to put pieces of a puzzle together in a way that fit, unless of course they try to manipulate that evidence to suit their own Ideas, than we should be honoring them instead of making satires about them.

It could be interesting... especially since future generations will have "remains" of sound, video, and digital media as well as written text and real world artifacts, which will make our generation extremely unique. I imagine 1000s of years from now someone unearthing what is essentially a garbage heap, finding a glass disk, decoding the remaining bits and bytes that haven't been worn away, and finding this comment I'm writing now and the researcher thinks to himself "Wow this guy must have been way to tired, up to late, or not having anything better to do than vent his frustration with some sort of media presentation" which would be true ;)
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It started out really funny, and probably a true reflection of how wrong we probably are about ancient facts, but then it just got completely stupid.
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Instead of looking at this as a humorous video, I see it as a social commentary. We record history in a much more significant way than they did in the year 1000. We can easily see the obvious errors in this video, but what about all the historical accounts from 1000+ years ago? Do the people talking really have a clue about how the Egyptians lived? or are they making a mistake equivalent to adding Scottie Pippin into the Beatles? An outrageous and silly mistake for someone to make.

Makes you wonder how much we have wrong? I don't bother thinking about how they'll remember us in the future. We can't keep anymore information that we already do. Everything you put on the internet stays there forever. Maybe 1000 years?
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