Send Your Avatar to the Moon with NASA's Project M

1,000 days from now, NASA could start sending humanoid avatars to the moon. They would be controlled by scientists on Earth using motion-capture suits, giving the scientists the feeling of being on the lunar surface. Check out this video from the Johnson Space Center.  Could it really happen that fast? Jesus Diaz at Gizmodo doesn't see why not.

...the mission would be a lot simpler than a human-based one. It will also be quite cheaper than the real thing. First, you don't have to care about life support systems, which will make spacecraft manufacturing a lot less complex. The whole system would also weight a lot less, reducing the need for the development of a huge rocket, and again reducing the costs.

...Now imagine these NASA C-3POs roaming our satellite, controlled by all kind of scientists using telepresence suits down here, all looking for interesting things using high definition visors, and able to move just like they would move on planet Earth.

Even better would be if they could allow non-scientists a chance to walk on the moon as well.

Link: Gizmodo

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What a load of crap.

They can't make a "humanoid robot" with a "avatar like" interface work here on earth with it's zero time delay between avatar and operator.

Add in the 2.6ish second delay and it's next to impossible (you're reaching for a rock - by the time you see/feel your hand approaching the rock - it's already way past and buried up to it's wrist in regolith).

This thing is either an out and out hoax, or it's just a pr stunt for some viral ad. In either case it has NOTHING to do with NASA (go ahead - call NASA's PR office and ask them about "project m" - after they stop laughing - assuming they don't just hang up - you'll see).
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