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"was always one of the only people that was not only nice to them, but made the extra effort to clean up after myself so they wouldn't have to do more work on my account."

wow. so you want credit for acting like a person should?
i have to agree with the majority of the other comments- most of the things written in this list came across as snotty and condescending. they might not have been meant that way, but that doesn't make them sound any less ignorant.

once i was in the toy section of a store, and saw a little boy begging his mom for a toy vacuum cleaner. "no, those are only for girls" she said. the janitors cart/breastfeeding doll comments smacked of that same kind of thinking.
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it really irks me when they're classified as "less intelligent" rather than "didn't process thought the same way" as modern humans- because they were clearly smart enough to figure out a way to survive for so long.
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preach it, brett!
having to deal with the interrupters in class k-12 is seriously disrupting to the students that *are* well behaved. the teachers i learned the most from were the ones that ran a tight ship and childish hijinks were curtailed right away. if the parents give their consent, and it's regulated- go for it.
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i call b.s.- i think it has a lot more to do with overall parenting than just getting swatted for being a sassy brat. giving into anger and hauling off on the kid isn't a spanking, and screaming at the time is probably worse in the long run.
when i got slapped or spanked as a kid, i knew i had it coming. i'm a perfectly normal, non-violent person. my cousins that just got 'time-outs' are all still spoiled brats who have no concept of consequences- except they're all adults now.

maybe next they'll come out with a study that says lions who swat their cubs create more violent lions. the horror! the horror!
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why does every little freakin' post have to boil into a political pissing match?
i thought maybe someone would actually have an interesting historical tidbit i could read about, but nooooo. i don't know why i even click on the comments anymore.

but to answer the question: my favorite snippet of lesser known history:
upper michigan produced more wealth from copper than all that money that was made from the california gold rush.
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"she didn't give a cent back to the thrift store either"...well, that'll learn ya to shake out the pages next time, huh?

i once found a letter to santa from 1929 in a volume about napoleon- the library claimed she "knew" that person, and took it away from me.

wench. :(
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aaah!! it's Wadsworth Hall at MTU!!! i went to school there! winter carnival is always awesome. someone always builds an inappropriate statue (not in this case of course) during the All-Nighter that has to be knocked over the next day.
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