Teen Kills Possible Chupacabra

A teenage boy in Texas has claimed to have shot and killed a Chupacabra, the infamous “goat sucker” of Cryptozoology. I like how although they claim to have the Chupacabra dead in their backyard, there is still only this grainy, blurry photo. If you claim you have a Chupacabra you really have to get in there with the HD camera, and snap some high res photos and video.
"It just walked across and started shaking, slowly moving across," Pope said. "No hair on it at all, the back legs were shriveled up, and I honestly think it was a chupacabra."

Pope said he ran to his parents' room to wake up his dad to come see what he had discovered.

"I thought, 'I'm dreaming or this kid is crazy, but probably a little bit of both,'" Pope's father Will said.

Will said when he came outside with his son, he was amazed by the creature. The animal was about 200 feet away when Pope fired three shots before the animal stopped moving.


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@Ziggy Texas is like the least nasty room in a motel 6. Texas might not be all-that but where are you coming from when you also live in the same motel 6? Anyway, Texas will be seeing you in 2012...
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@J the last time I was in Austin I couldn't believe how different it was from the rest of the state. I mean, there were people there driving cars rather than pickup trucks.

A Texan I know told me (without any apparent sense of irony) that Texas was better than the rest of the union and that if a Texan doesn't like what's going on in the USA then they want the state to secede from the union. Ain't democracy great? If you like what it does then you're all for it, if it doesn't then you want out. Anyhow if Austin is in a state with an attitude like that, don't you think it's time Austin seceded from Texas?
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If it moves, kill it. If it breathes kill it. If its new to science kill it and photograph it from as far away as possible.

Then shoot the camera and some roadsigns you noticed on the way over...

"Pa whats that big bright ball in the sky?"

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