Texas School District Brings Back The Paddle

Tired of unruly kids in schools, Temple, Texas has brought back a discipline method banned by most school districts long ago: it's bringing back the paddle.

But even by Texas standards, Temple is unusual. The city, a compact railroad hub of 60,000 people, banned the practice and then revived it at the demand of parents who longed for the orderly schools of yesteryear. Without paddling, "there were no consequences for kids," said Steve Wright, who runs a construction business and is Temple's school board president.

Since paddling was brought back to the city's 14 schools by a unanimous board vote in May, behavior at Temple's single high school has changed dramatically, Wright said, even though only one student in the school system has been paddled.

"The discipline problem is much better than it's been in years," Wright said, something he attributed to the new punishment and to other discipline programs schools are trying. Residents of the city's comfortable homes, most of which sport neighborly, worn chairs out front, praise the change.

Michael Bimbaum of The Washington Post has the story: Link (Photo: Tom Fox/Dallas Morning News)

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Many kids have quickly figured out they can be disruptive, rude, profane, even injurious in school and liberal "don't hurt their fragile self-esteem" policies actually empower them. They can lie about their actions, yell "abuse," even call the police if a teacher tries to correct them. In these times of so-called "heightened awareness," schools and absent-minded litigious parents have badly missed the point that students actually want clear boundaries and easily understood standards as simple as "if you do this, THIS will happen, immediately." Paddling backs up the policy with action that can't be confused nor misinterpreted. Coupled with clear, consistently applied policies on behavior, paddling is a very effective correction, especially for a student who refuses to reason for himself and correct his own bad behavior. Schools are not helping such kids by dismissing it, actually perpetuating it, by relying on today's psychobabble to have any effect in moderating truly bad behavior in kids. Nonsense. They are reaping what they have allowed to be sown.
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The problem with all good ideas is that a few individuals abuse their power. I am not opposed to paddling when used properly. I think it would be better to transfer students who deserve a paddling to a school specifically set up for unruly students. At this school they should use a paddle. This removes those who are disruptive; the education of the majority who want an education would be strengthened. The learning environment would improve dramatically allowing teachers to teach instead of babysitting. Permit those who are transferred the right to prove that they deserve to be reinstated at a regular school after a specified time period.
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If spanking was brought back into all schools and also allowed at home our youth would learn to accept reactions to their actions. Now, I am not talking abuse here, I am talking about a spanking administered to the correct area. I was abused as a child. My foster mother didn't care where her belt, switches, or cat-of-nine-tails hit you. My sisters, and brothers would sometimes take weeks to heal over such beatings. As much as I have loathed the woman for beatings, I am grateful to her for teaching me some good lessons in life.

When I read in the paper, or see on tv a child of 6 or seven commiting crimes that were just unheard of in our day is appalling. Parents, and teachers rights have been taken away leaving us that do have some children that time-out, grounding doesn't seem to work, nothing to back us up. Yet, with that right taken away when a small, child and even young teens get in trouble with the law, they get tried as adults, now that I think is a worse injustice to the youth than suffering a spanking in school or at home.
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Wow. I can't believe how many wussies are on here.

I got paddled in school. You know what I had at home? TWO loving parents. We were relatively well off, I wasn't abused, but I still acted up. Because I liked it. Got paddled once - my parents found out about it and I got spanked when I got home. Know what? I never acted up to that extent, either. And guess what else (which is going to come as a shock to all you pussies out there) - I was never arrested, never did drugs, never had a kid out of wedlock AND, I have a job that most people would KILL for.

Here's a comparative study for you. I have a cousin with two kids that doesn't believe in spanking, and a cousin with three kids that does. No-spanking cousin has the most ILL BEHAVED KIDS on the face of the planet. I went to a family function this weekend and was MORTIFIED at the behavior of the non-spanked kids. The spanked kids actually commented to the adults how "only bad boys act like that". The spanked kids knew how to act in public and were able to recognize that their own cousins were acting like a bunch of monkeys.

This all goes back to the pussification of the world. Nobody can fail, nobody can get their feelings hurt, nobody can pay for their actions, and nobody ever deals with consequences. That's cool though. Because my kids will be running fortune 500 companies while YOUR kids are in "indie" bands milking off mom and dad until they're 36.
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