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LOL Vako 21

Automatic shotguns...I remember seeing a Pommie show on the Marines (UK Marines, Naval Sailing Ship Soldiers) in the sailing era and they had a pistol that took a gunpowder plug in each (at least six if not nine) barrel gun with some small shot. Cocking may have been automatic by trigger use (but I don't remember). I`se member thinkin` twas a hand helden shotus gunus.

I think was used to repel boarders along with the short sword.

Then again it was on the televis so was prob lies.
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I live in Melbourne Oz, The 'home of VB' and I have never seen this ad. Very clever and, yes, a redo of a veerrryyyy famous ad from the 60's spoken by John Meillon and VB at

I prefer Melbourne Bitter to VB and VB to Fosters (splutter). However Coopers, Boags, Cascade, are better Oz beers. No one really drinks XXXXX or Swan we just export that.

ps: for you Yanq's, the next time an Aussie tries to piss you off by saying how much better Fosters (ie VB, MB, Carlton, Crown, Fosters etc) is than US beer, then point out that 'Foster`s' refer to the Foster brothers....immigrant Yanq's to Australia who had to teach us how to brew lager (no it is not 'Bitter', only the Pom's make real bitter)
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I read it and picked up on shell-shock and that he has a cat and thought 'what a chick magnet'. So, yes, I can see that the cat could be a service aminal in terms of creating social contact. Specially with fem's.

On the other finger, I know cats can be trained but to sit still for a half hour workout?

ps: Zim looks stoned at the start of that video...was he being fed 'Scooby Snacks'?
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#50 Touché. Sums it up well. It surprises me to find so many here people thinking it is ok. Def` not 'Neat'.

Where I live, small dogs get dognapped off the streets. Some are for resale as they are sought after breeds, some for ransom back to the owner and some (could be urban myth I know) as an entree for dogfights out in the sticks. Basically throw a cute fluffy poodle in with a pitbull as a sort of 'pre-match' entertainment for laughs.

My question to the people who like the bugs fighting is; would you watch and enjoy this sort of thing?
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Well here I am in the same town as Hugh and I haven't seen it. I just gave away my two 3" goldfish to someone who had a bigger tank because I thought they were too big for the tank.

I have to buy some small replacements. If I see anything, I will report it here first.
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Be buggered, I can't remember the name but a 50's or 60's textbox I picked up at a Vinnies descibed this behaviour along with rutting springboks, gull colonies etc and then related it to humans (the point of the book).

The idea was that 'display' minimised confrontation.
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Meanwhile in Oz:

-my aunt has a kookaburra (wild) that flies in every morning to get a feed of meat. If she is not in the kitchen it will bang on the window with its beak calling for attention. If that doesn't work it will fly round the house to work out where she is and bang on that window. It will then fly back to to the kitchen window and wait to be fed. The interesting thing is that it will tolerate being patted and scratched until it has food, although it seems uncomfortable with it.

If steak is available, as opposed to Devon (sort of like Spam) it will tolerate it even more and come back for more.

We figure it has the whole neighbourhood trained to feed it rump steak.
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