Billboard in Yass, Australia. These people have no excuse - they speak English.

Via Parakaashtha

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The derogotry part of Tank when refering to Yanks hasn't been used by any of U it's a term i don't use as why throw insults at a person u know nothing about the full insulting title is Septic tank quite a common site in Aus where towns don't have a piped water supply it comes from the Aussie habit of using rhyming slang. Septic tank became common as an insulting name during the 60's when Yank servicemen came to Aus on R&R leave
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I'll give you one better. I have been to YASS many times to run P.A. for the annual Yass River Festival. It's a great little town.
Each visit, I've pulled into town at night. The sign that welcomes you to Yass has only the last three letters painted with reflective paint. So at night it reads...
"Welcome to ASS"
It's a quirky little town, and I think this was an intentional little joke by the local council boys.

If you ever visit Australia, I suggest pulling through. I have always felt welcome in yASS
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So Yankee comes from the dutch settlers name of Jancke.

No idea why you find that insulting.

Amstedam, Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten, Great Kills, stoop, knicker bocker, Roosevelt, Hells Kitchen, Harlem, and a shed load more names places and people all are Dutch.

I fail to see the slander.

And yes Aussies do speak English, very good clear and comparatively unaccented English.

Particularly compared to Britain, which as nice a bunch of people as you could meet, have a HUGE varied and sometimes incomprehensible take of their shared tongue.

If you aren't British that is.

Never been to Yass, but if it's claim to fame is that it has a Macca's it dosn't sound too appealling.

I'd sooner be in Saint Fuckin' Kilda.
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